Caribbean Stud Poker - Five Card Stud Poker Game

Caribbean Stud Poker is interestingly played on a type of blackjack table (rather than poker table) with cards dealt from what is known as a “shoe.”

How Caribbean Stud Poker Works

The aim of this poker game is to beat the dealer with the best poker hand (in a lot of poker games, dealers don’t play; Caribbean Stud Poker they do). A regular deck of playing cards is used in the game, but in casinos players will find them dealt from what is known in the game as a shoe, or by a machine that automatically shuffles them into groups of five card hands. Each player is able to see his or her layout and chip slot with a slot fixture that is ignited when a chip is placed in the slot and falls through to be collected by the dealer. It’s interesting in the game to watch the lights – this way players can see what the jackpot bet is before the hand is dealt. If it’s not working, it could be quite expensive for the player.

How Caribbean Stud Poker Begins

Players decide how much to bet and place that in the box marked “Ante.” You decide on your bet before the game begins. But while placing the bet, the players get to decide whether or not to enter in for the progressive jackpot and if they do, put a $1 coin in the slot. At this point the dealer deals five cards (four face down, one face up) to each player and each player must decide whether to play or fold. The ones who fold immediately lose their Ante bet (and progressive jackpot had they placed a wager on that).

Players Left In After First Bet

At this point the dealer reveals all his cards to the players (players only saw the face up card of the dealer like they did with all the other players up until this point). Still, the dealer has the advantage as it is at this point he has to qualify for the call bets to count and to do this he must have King, Ace or a higher hand. If he doesn’t have this, then no matter what the other players had they get back double their Ante bet but the call bet won’t be returned with no further gain. But if the dealer does qualify, the dealer will then be able to see the player’s cards to see if they have a higher five card stud poker hand than the house. If this is the case, that player gets a multiple of his or her call bet according to the payout table.

Progressive Jackpot In Caribbean Stud Poker

This is a separate entity and has nothing to do with the dealer qualifying. If a player gets a five card flush or higher, that’s the progressive win, no matter what.