Online vs Land Blackjack - Comparing Land and Online Blackjack

Comparing the differences between online blackjack and land based blackjack and their various advantages

Through most of the twentieth century blackjack ruled the land casinos, but most people could only dream of playing. Then in the 1990s the Internet opened up online gambling and blackjack came within the reach of the average person.

Land Blackjack

  • There is considerable glamour associated with playing in opulent land casinos with the rich and famous of the world.
  • But this pleasure is extremely costly. The table stakes are higher and the associated life style that one has to maintain in fine clothes and the best cars costs a packet.
  • Land blackjack is a formal game. There is a playing etiquette to be followed. The moves are signaled using standard gestures.
  • Huge winnings or losses are immediately flashed through the public domain and nothing remains hidden.
  • Land blackjack is meant for professionals. Making mistakes can not only be very costly but also very embarrassing.
  • Land blackjack is played at a comparatively leisurely place. Players have time while other players are playing their hands. Dealing of cards and settling bets also takes time.
  • Land blackjack has become standardized. There are variations in rules from country to country and casino to casino but these are known. There has been no evolution in the last fifty years in terms of rules.

Online Blackjack

  • Online blackjack can be played from home or from anyplace with a computer and an Internet connection, the cost of which is negligible.
  • It can even be played through mobile phones while traveling through the use of wireless technology.
  • Online blackjack can be played in complete anonymity using an alias for a user name. The player’s winnings and losses are known to the player alone.
  • Online blackjack does not involve any etiquette because moves are made by clicking the appropriate buttons.
  • Online blackjack can be played for nominal stakes and even for free. Therefore beginners can learn the game without incurring heavy costs. In fact online blackjack demo games and interactive tutorials are available that teach rules and strategy.
  • Most online blackjack is played in single table games, where the player is playing alone. Therefore there is no one to laugh at their mistakes and thus discourage them. Even on multiplayer games the players are not playing face to face and are usually playing under an alias so there is much less embarrassment if things go wrong.
  • Online blackjack is a faster paced game. Even in multiplayer blackjack the dealing of cards and settling of bets is instantaneous so the game is faster than the land casino version. In single player games there is only one player so he can set the pace. Good players can easily play more than 10 deals per minute. The latest auto play versions of blackjack increase the speed exponentially. Players can feed in their strategy and the computer then makes the player’s moves as well. In fact the player can play some other game while the computer is wagering for him.
  • Online blackjack is a constantly evolving game. Though the core games are always available for the di-hard blackjack fan, newer versions of the game keep appearing from time to time. Games with side bets, or with 48 card decks or games with enhanced payouts for continuous wins are gaining popularity.