How to Enjoy Gambling at Blackjack

Blackjack gambling is fun, exciting, and not as challenging as you might think; with a quick guide through a blackjack game, you'll be on your way.

Blackjack Gambling

Understanding blackjack gambling is very straightforward, in order to help you get it, we're going to take a blackjack table as an example and walk the steps through it. There are some variations that you will come across in different casinos, but for the purposes of this illustration of blackjack gambling we are going to assume a $2 table, one-deck game.

Blackjack Gambling Step 1; approach the table, buy chips

In every casino be it online or bricks and mortar there will be a number of blackjack tables to choose from. The bet values of the tables should determine your choice first and foremost, then the number of people; the fewer the better. Pick a spot and place your cash on the table. The croupier will take the sum, check the notes, count it and announce its value. The notes will then be placed in a slot and will disappear from sight. You will be given chips to the value of the amount in appropriate denominations –at a $2 table you will get $1 and $5 chips.

Blackjack Gambling Step 2; shuffle, cut and burn

When everyone has chips the dealer will shuffle the cards. Once they are shuffled the dealer will place the cards in front of a player to cut. To cut you must take a section off the top of the deck and place this pile next to the original; if there's a plastic separator, simply insert this into the deck. The dealer will return the two half decks to one deck with the top part underneath, and take off the top card. This card will either go to the bottom of the deck face up, or will be put to the side – this is the burn card.

Blackjack Gambling Step 3; betting and dealing

After the shuffle you must lay your bets in the rectangular box printed on the felt right in front of you. Bets must be laid before the deal, and must adhere to the table minimums and maximums. Once the bets have been laid, each player and then the dealer get one card face down. Then all the players get a second card face down, and the dealer gets a second card face up.

Blackjack Gambling Step 4; actions

Each player now has the option of hitting, standing, splitting pairs, doubling down or surrendering. The first two of these are the most straightforward. Hitting means getting another card; standing means sticking with what you have. Your decision is based on what you think you hand can do against the dealers. The other three options are for advanced strategy. You can indicate you want to "hit" by tapping your cards or gently moving the cards towards you. To "stand", slide your cards under the chips.

Blackjack Gambling step 5; payout

Once all actions have been taken the dealer will reveal his first card and make his actions. If the dealer wins he will clear your bets; if you win he will place your winning chips by your standing chips.