Online Blackjack Moves

A look at how a player can make the right online blackjack moves, i.e. by using the strategy charts and also card-counting.

Making the right online blackjack moves is critical in determining your score in the game and also whether you win or lose. Blackjack is not all about just luck, you also need to have some skill, know the game, and have a gameplan in place. These three will together enable you to make the right online blackjack moves and thereby reduce the chances of your losing consistently.

You must realize that the advantage always rests with the house in blackjack, and that making the right online blackjack moves may not necessarily turn you into a winning machine that knows no defeat. You may still lose despite the best online blackjack moves you may make; only it will not happen with consistency.

In this article, we will discuss one way by which you can make the right online blackjack moves, i.e. by using the strategy charts and also card-counting.

Making the Right Online Blackjack Moves Using a Strategy Chart

One of the best ways of ensuring you make the right online blackjack moves is by consulting a popular aid in online blackjack circles – the strategy chart or strategy table. You may be wondering what a strategy chart is. It is essentially a chart or table that contains the different possible moves based on the kind of hand you are dealt.

A strategy chart can be an awe-inspiring sight if you are a beginner, for it can be difficult to comprehend that it would be easy to list out all possible online blackjack moves. It may also raise questions about the actual accuracy of these charts. However, the accuracy factor is high as these charts are created using math or computers – the creators of these tables use either the probability theory or simulate hundreds of thousands of blackjack deals on a computer and then determine the ideal combination of moves for optimal results.

One thing you must be clear about at the outset, though; using a strategy chart does not give you the edge and thereby, the ability to win more. The edge still rests with the house. These charts just give you an idea of the best hand in a specific situation. To actually wrest the advantage from the house, you would have to know card-courting.

The Right Online Blackjack Moves – Wresting the Odds with Card-Counting

Card-counting is one of the basic online blackjack strategies that can help you actually, to an extent, wrest the odds from the house. This is a strategy whereby players can keep tabs on the number of cards that have already been dealt out in the course of a game. By doing so, one knows the cards that are remaining in the deck and the possible hands that can be dealt with them.

Basically, it lets you know when you are at an advantageous position, which means you know when you can bet large and get away with it. Besides, it allows you to modify your strategy for the remaining hands to be dealt, because you now already know the cards that are left in the pack. This can help you in making the right online blackjack move and increase the possibilities of winning.