Free Online Blackjack

Free online blackjack is exciting, fun, and easy – here's a guide to all you need to know about online blackjack for free.

Free Online Blackjack

Free online blackjack essentially takes three great concepts and roles them into one; blackjack, online, and free. Getting started is simple, and getting good is fun. If you have any queries before you jump right in, have a little look below for all your free online blackjack questions answered.

How does it get to be free?

Most online casinos will offer both free play games and real money games. You will never find a real casino that offers only free games. So, whilst you are playing free online blackjack, there are thousands of other people playing for real money. The number of games on offer for free play are always much more limited than those for real money, so it's worthwhile for the casino to offer free online blackjack as it gets you playing, and they hope you will then progress to real-money play; and even if you don't there aren't real prizes for free online blackjack so they've not really lost anything.

What about free online blackjack tournaments?

Free online blackjack tournaments are a little different because these free to enter contests do often offer prizes. Again though, for the casino it is a stepping stone to real money play. The casinos may give casino credit as a prize which will of course bring you into the real-money casino, and once you're there you'll probably stay. In other situations, it is simply enough for the casino to be getting the traffic through, and let's face it, if you have a casino as a number one choice for free tournaments, they may become your first choice for real money play too.

Do I have to download software?

You may do, but most casinos will offer the option of playing free online blackjack through flash play which means no need for download.

Where can I play free online blackjack?

Virtually all online casinos will offer some form of free online blackjack, so really you can take your pick. The only things to be aware of are the number of games on offer to you in free play, and if there is a limited time that you are allowed to play for free for.

What are the advantages of free online blackjack?

The advantages of free online blackjack are multi-faceted; but here are the main ones. It's free so you can play and practice as much as you like without costing you any money. It's online which, especially with the growth of mobile casinos, means that you can play when ever and where ever you want. Finally, blackjack isn't too complicated to learn, is endlessly entertaining, and can be incredibly profitable.

How is free online blackjack different from land based blackjack

Free online blackjack providers give you ready access to games, with multiple choices, and all for free – you try to find a bricks and mortar casino that will fulfill all of those criteria!