Low Limit Poker Strategy - Succeed in Low Limit Games

Low limit games are a great start for beginner online poker players. With a few basic strategies for low limit poker games you can improve your results

Low Limit Games

Low limit games attract many different kinds of players but the vast majority are beginner players or people who are just playing poker here and there for fun. This makes these games ideal for the player who wants to build a good base to stand on for the higher limits. To get the experience it takes to become a good poker player you need to play a lot and in the low limit games you can do so without feeling pressured to advance faster than what you can.

On the downside of the low limit games are the sharks that naturally show up looking to exploit the loose play that beginners and casual poker players offer them. It is not nice knowing that a more advanced player is taking advantage of your inexperience but this is a part of online poker that is hard to get around. You will discover that quite soon you are also enjoying the benefits of meeting players with limited knowledge of poker strategy.

Stay Away From Bluffing

When you play low limit games you need to keep it simple. Part of this strategy is to stay away from bluffing. The players in these games are not usually much into the kind of tricks and mind games that you will find at the higher levels. This makes bluffing a useless tool as calculations and precise numbers will be in focus. You should play it tight and only make safe moves. A good hand is a good hand and with about 6 players around the table you could assume that you are in the lead with it. Beginner players will not detect your poker tells as they are too busy figuring the game out.

Work on Your Skills

In the low limit games you need a lot of patience and it is wise to try and stick to a very good hand. Taking too many chances based on the opponents being fish is just foolish. You can never know just who you are playing against so even as you advance your poker skills you should continue the tight and modest play for the best pay offs. Something that low limit games are excellent for are the opportunity to work on your skills. Without too much of the aggressive play you have the chance to truly get to the bottom of poker and learn the very basics.

Not all players agree that low limit games are the jumping board to the higher limits but you could definitely become a much better player by playing them a lot. If you feel that you are doing very well in the low limit poker games and your bankroll is starting to look really good you could make a try at the higher limits. If this doesn’t work out well you should just hang around the low limit tables a bit more before you go to meet the more exciting tables.