Poker Bots - How to Legally Use a Poker Robot

Using poker bots for online poker is becoming more and more popular. If you understand how to use it, a legal version could improve your poker

Poker Robots or Bots

A poker bot is software that will let you play in a poker room without actually being there. The poker bot, sometimes called poker robot, will make the decisions for you. By calculating poker odds and looking at the situation in the actual game the bot decides for you to bet, raise or fold. If this sounds like a fun way to play poker online you should definitely look closer at the different poker bots that are available for download online.

Most poker bots are connected to a specific poker site and you shouldn’t have to pay for it. There are also robots that will cost you money. A poker robot could be more or less ready to use. The very best ones are arguably the ones that require the player to make adjustments and program it to work the best. Since players can use a bot and not show up themselves at the table many online poker games have become bot competitions. You could either despise this or get in there and send in a bot of your own to win the wars!

Illegal Use

There are many poker bots that are perfectly legal and especially so when the poker site that you are playing at is behind them. Before you download and start using a poker robot you need to be sure that it is allowed in the poker room that you are playing. If you are not sure just make a quick question to the customer service and save the answer for future reference. The poker bots that are illegal are the ones that offer players to get into collusion. These robots will let you share your hands with other players and they are illegal everywhere. To use such a bot takes programming knowledge since you have to adjust the program to your use. They also come with a price unlike the free to download legal ones.

Bots for Evaluation

Poker bots can be used for more than automatic and smart poker play. The bot could also let you analyse games for future reference. There are softwares where you can leave the computer all together while the bot plays for you but if you want to learn from it you should sit in and watch the moves. The poker bot will make the best use of poker bonuses, rake backs and with a speed that lets the player enjoy what really matters; the poker games.

It is important to be aware of the fact that some poker bots work together with poker sites. If the software works it shouldn’t matter to the player but don’t expect the poker bot to be entirely on your side. If you want to try a poker robot you should carefully read online reviews before you make a free download of one. Always use bots that are recommended by other players and known to be legal and safe to use.