Badugi Poker Strategy - Strategy for Badugi Poker

Badugi is a fun form of poker that can be played online and offline. Learn the rules of Badugi poker to join in the fun.

Badugi is a fun form of poker that can be played online and offline. Learn the rules of Badugi poker to join in the fun.

Badugi, also known as Asian Poker, is a fairly new entrant into the online casino game scenario, but the popularity of the game is increasing every day. The game is believed to have originated in Korea, but more and more players across the world and learning to play and enjoy Badugi Poker. Anyone who is new to the game, and would like to understand the objective of the game as well as learn some winning tips will find the strategy suggestions here useful.

Badugi is a card game, in the lowball draw poker genre. The word "badugi" refers to a hand which doesn’t have any cards that match each other with reference to suit or number. The duplicates are discarded, so you could be playing a hand with very few cards, even just one. So it is important to remember not to take the duplicates into account when you are considering the value of a hand in Badugi. You should also remember that Badugi, unlike poker, values low hands rather than high value ones.

Trying to decide what hands to play at the outset of a game is one of the problems a beginner at any poker game faces. In Badugi, you can consider a hand that has four cards that are 7 or less in value, or one that has two cards that are 5 or less in value, as a good one. Avoid hands that have cards with values of 8 and more; your chances of winning with such a hand will be very low.

Remember the importance of position when you are attempting to bluff in this game. It is not a good idea to try out a bluff with too many players in Badugi, since the more opponents you have, the more likely it is that one of them will have a “badugi” with four cards. So avoid bluffing when you have a 2 or 3 card hand with six players at the table. Bluffing as a strategy is more productive when there are less than four players involved in the game, or when you are in late position, with the other players having placed only small bets.

Position is also important when you are blessed with good cards – if you are in the early position, you can raise the ante so that less confident players are eliminated, leaving you with a better chance of scooping the pot.

If you have a good hand in early position, raise it up to drive out other players and to get more money in the pot when you have a good chance at winning.

Another aspect of the strategy of Badugi involves the number of people at the table. The more people there are at the table, the more likely there is to be a 4 card Badugi out there. Bluffing with a 2 or 3 card hand is not usually advisable when playing at a 6 player table. However, when you are playing with fewer than 4 people, bluffing becomes more effective.

Except in rare cases, it is not advisable to draw in the last round when your rival at the game has not drawn.