Online Poker - Opening an Account at an Online Poker Site

New poker players will find it easy to open an account at an online poker site. Players can follow a few simple steps to open their online poker accounts.

Opening an Online Poker Account is a Simple Procedure

As with most sites in the online gaming world, poker sites have done all that they can to ensure that their players can quickly and easily sign up with their sites. The ease with which the sign-up process can be completed benefits the new player signing up, because they are probably already overwhelmed by all the choices they have needed to make before choosing their online poker site, and their patience to begin playing may be wearing thin. The poker site also benefits from quick and easy registration procedures since players will find it straightforward, reducing the need for extensive customer support, and it reduces the possibility of mistakes occurring. Of course, the sooner you sign up, the sooner you begin play, a major benefit to both the online poker site and the new player.

What Details Do I Need to Supply?

Those wishing to open an account at an online poker site should expect to supply details such as their first and last names, their e-mail address, their physical address, their age, and possibly a few other details. Players should not attempt to use false names or ages, etc since these details will need to be verified by any reputable online poker sites. Your winnings may well be sent to the address you supply, so make sure to keep your information correct and up to date.

Step 1: Download the Software

It is best to first download the online poker site's software. In order to do this, first go to the poker site of your choice, then click on the download button, which is usually prominently displayed. A download window will open on your computer, with the choice to 'save' or 'run' the new program. If you click the 'run' option, the installation will begin, and will inform you when the software has finished downloading.

Step 2: Log In or Sign Up

The first time you open the online poker software that is now installed on your computer, you will be prompted to either 'Sign Up' or to 'Log In.' In order to sign up for a new account, click on the 'Sign Up' button and follow the step by step directions. If there is only a 'Log In' button, and no 'Sign Up' button, click on the 'Log In' button and see if a new window opens to allow new players to register. Sometimes players will be prompted to sign up with a link that reads 'Create a New Account.' Should there be no clear way to sign up for a new account, call Customer Services in order to find out how it is done.

Step 3: Account Confirmation

Once you have completed filling in the details for the sign up process, you will usually be requested to check your e-mail account. Your e-mail account should contain an e-mail with a hyperlink for you to click on which acts as confirmation, and completes the sign up process. If possible, the link should be clicked on directly from your e-mail account in order to confirm that the correct e-mail address has received the confirmation e-mail.

This completes the sign-up process, and you can begin play in your chosen online poker room.