Beginners' Poker - Choosing an Online Poker Room

There are a number of points to bear in mind when choosing an online poker room. Follow this basic guide to make it easier to choose an online poker site.

For those who are new to online poker, they may find the many choices available to them to be quite overwhelming. Players who make uninformed decisions as to which poker rooms to sign up with could find themselves caught in the middle of a scam. In order to avoid this, there are some basic guidelines that can be followed in order to help you choose an online poker room.

Poker Room Bonuses

Poker rooms will offer many bonuses to players and potential players as incentives to sign up with, or keep playing at, their online poker rooms. When it comes to deposit bonuses, you should read the fine print to ensure that it is an obtainable deposit bonus. Some of the Terms and Conditions can make it almost impossible for a new player to fulfill the wagering requirements needed in order to receive the deposit bonus. While bonuses can be nice if it is easy to reach their requirements, they should only be used as a deciding factor when choosing an online poker room if more than one poker site has met all your other requirements.

Online Poker Software

This is an important point in making your decision. Play in the poker room by using the free games option before signing up with them. If you enjoy the way the room operates, then this may be the room for you. The choice of an online poker room is very subjective when it comes to player preferences in connection with the operation of the room. Players may even be able to play in poker freerolls, which are tournaments that have no buy-in fee, before they have deposited any money with the casino.

Poker Site Traffic

You will want to ensure that the site you sign up with has a lot of traffic going through it. If it does not have a reasonable amount of traffic, you may find that you play against the same few players every time you visit the site.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

You need to ensure that deposit and withdrawal options are safe and secure, and that it will be easy to withdraw any winnings that you have made, or to withdraw your deposited money at any time you wish to do so.


Not only should deposits and withdrawals be secure, but any personal information that is given to the online poker site. This includes your name, your address and your credit card details, and any other information you have given to the site. Ensure that the site can process transactions securely.

Customer Support

All players, but especially new players, may need to contact customer support with any number of questions. In order to check the speed and helpfulness of the Customer Support department, you can send them a question, to which you already know the answer. In this way, you can check on how long they take to reply, and on how accurately they answered your question.

Reviews and Repuation of the Poker Room

When you have found a poker room that looks ideal in every way, there is one more important step to take. You need to do some research in order to ascertain that the poker room has a good reputation. Reviews can be found on many trusted websites on the Internet.