Beginners' Poker - Poker Glossary

New poker players will find that there are many unusual terms used in poker. By reading a poker glossary before playing, beginners will have a head start.

There are many poker terms that players should know, however, the extensive list of poker terms can be rather daunting to a beginner poker player. This abridged poker glossary will give beginners the chance to become familiar with various poker terms without becoming overwhelmed.


This is a small amount of money, usually a half or a quarter of what the lowest bet in the game is, which is put into the pot before dealing cards in order to ensure that there is money in the pot. Most hold'em games do not use an ante.


Money that is put into the pot is called a bet. This included forced bets and all other bets made in all betting rounds.


This is considered a forced bet, in which players are forced to bet pre-decided amounts in order to ensure that there is money in the pot. The blind is usually placed by one, two, and occasionally three players who are to the left of the dealer.

Burn Card

When dealing a round of poker, in case the top card was exposed by mistake, the top card for every round of betting is "burned." The burned card is not used during that hand, and is placed face down on the table.


The button is a white disc that is placed in front of the dealer when the dealer changes every round in order to ensure that everyone is aware who the current dealer is.