Poker in Asia - The Status of Poker in Asia

Poker is popular with Asians who have invented a couple of poker variations over the years. A look at Asian poker varieties and Asian Poker tournaments.

Poker in Asia: Asian Poker Tour

The APT or Asian Poker Tour is Asia’s first and largest poker tour. Asian Logic bought The Asian Poker Tour in early ‘08 and has held 3 successful events thus far: 2 were hosted in the Philippines and one was held in Macau.

After the APT had many successful tournaments, it is looking to continue to position itself as Asia’s premier poker tournament and tour. Their most recent successful poker tournament has been the Asian Poker Tour Philippines 2009 that took place from Jan 27 to Feb 1, 2009. The APT is growing in popularity, and people love the fact that this tour is giving them a chance to take part in an Asian world-class poker experience.

Poker in Asia: Asian Poker Varieties

Poker is definitely right up there with blackjack as being the most popular card games in the world. When a game is this popular, it’s simply natural that there would be variations that start in various areas around the world.

One of the most popular poker varieties is called Asia Poker, which was created by adapting the more famous Pai Gow Poker. The good news is that the game is not nearly as intimidating as it may seem at first glance. Then there is also a poker variation called Chinese poker, which is sometimes referred to as Pusoy or Russian poker. The Asian community loves this game and has been playing it for many years. The popularity is busy to spread as it is an exciting gambling game variety.

The rules of Chinese poker are quite simple, you only need to know some basic poker card rankings, and you are ready to get started. The game focuses on a big element of luck, which means beginners stand a chance of winning more experienced players, even if it’s just in the short run. There is a reason they refer to it as beginners luck… Bad players may not give up as easily when they start to lose as they tend to more readily attribute poor results to their ‘bad luck’ or cards, rather on the moves they made.

More experienced Chinese poker players can still utilize enough poker strategy to give themselves a large advantage over beginners and poor players. The game format allows players to expect frequent unexpected wins as well as many high ranking hands. You only need a few players to be able to start a game.

Poker in Asia: How Does it Differ from ‘Western’ Poker

Asian poker players deserve more respect, as they are very good at the game. Unfortunately, the language barrier makes it difficult for western poker players to relate to Asian poker players. Some of the tournaments exclude footage of Asian players because of their broken English. We should do more to make Asian Poker players feel welcome in the global poker community.