Poker Terms - 4th Street and 5th Street

4th and 5th Street cards are the next two cards that are dealt after the flop. These cards, especially the 5th card, can have a great effect on the game.

Poker Lingo

New poker players will find that they need to learn some poker lingo to understand exactly what is happening in the game. Two examples that players need to understand, are 4th Street and 5th Street. Both 4th Street and 5th Street refer to when these specific cards are dealt to the players. Not only do these cards have names, but the betting is also affected by them.

4th Street

The turn, or 4th Street, as it is commonly known, is the fourth board card that is dealt in community card poker games. In simple terms, this is the card that is dealt after the flop. The first three cards are dealt face-up on the table in community card poker variants, such as Omaha Hold'em and Texas Hold'em poker games. The 4th Street card consists of only one card. This card is dealt as a face-up community card, which means that it is shared by all the players. That is, all the players in the game can use the same card to make up their final poker hands for that particular round.

5th Street

The turn, or 4th Street card, comes after the flop, after the betting has completed its second round. After the 4th Street card has been turned up, it is immediately followed by another round of betting, which is the third betting round in the game. This round ends when the 5th Street card is played.

Friendly Poker Games and the 5th Street Card

In a friendly poker game, the 5th Street card is the last card that is dealt. It is then followed by the final wagering round, and possibly a poker showdown if it is needed.

Living by the River

The 5th Street card can affect the outcome of a poker game, since it can give a player a card that they need to win, and it can also leave other players with a hand that can easily be beaten. The fifth card can the turning point in many poker games. Players that seemed to have a good hand, but lost the game because of the fifth card, are referred to as having "drowned in the river" or are referred to as having been "rivered." Players that take a chance on the 5th card, with the obvious possible dangers of losing, are often described as "living by the river," which those who live by rivers will know, carries its own dangers.