Poker Betting - Online Poker Betting Structures

The online poker betting structures refer to the betting limits imposed on various online poker games, such as no limit, fixed limit and pot limit games.

Betting structures are the limitations and rules that are placed upon different poker games regarding how the bets that are placed are conducted.

No Limit Games

When playing no limit games, they are exactly as they sound - without limits. Players can place any bets they wish to place, and they can raise the bet by whatever they want to raise it by, as long as they have enough chips to do so. This kind of game comes with a lot of tension and drama, and is very exciting both to play and to watch. Players can place all of their chips on any one hand, and can win everything, or lose everything, in a split second. A good move can win a player a lot of money, and a bad move in a no limit game can cause a player to lose the tournament, and a lot of money.

No Limit Texas Hold'em has become one of the most popular types of poker available because of the excitement generated by a no limit game. This explains why No Limit Texas Hold'em has become the most popular form of poker to be shown on television.

Fixed Limit Games

When playing fixed limit games, players only make bets and raises for which the amount has already been predetermined. Apart from the amount to raise or bet being set, players will find that only a certain number of raises, and re-raises, are allowed. The casino or poker room usually set this limit at three or four per round.

It is better for new players to play in fixed limit games since not only will there be a limit on how much it is possible to win, but also on how much it is possible to lose. In most Internet poker rooms, fixed limit games come with an opportunity to first place a bet, and then usually allow three raises per round. Players have the option to decide to call, raise or fold. Fixed limit games are often referred to as limit games.

Pot Limit Games

As is understood by the name, the limit is set by the amount that is in the pot. Players may raise as much as they would like up to the total amount that is in the pot. However, as with all poker games, the raise needs to be at least the same as the previous bet that was made. When following pot limit rules, it is possible to raise the pot to double its size. The pot amount is calculated by including the call that is about to be made before it has been raised. For example, the pot contains $5, the first player has opened the betting with another $5.

The next player could call the bet for another $5. Even though this has not yet been done, the pot is considered equal to $15, which means that it can be raised by another $15, making it worth a total of $30 if the next player raises by the maximum possible amount.