Online Poker - Advantages of playing online poker

There are still some poker players who prefer playing land based poker. Here are some of the many advantages of playing online poker.


Online poker gives you the chance to play when you like, where you like, and in which way you like. You don’t have to drive or park or dress up. You also don’t have to stand in line and wait for the dealer to settle and deal your cards. Just sit down, log on, and play. This also allows you the option to multi-task i.e. look after the kids or chat on the phone, all while you enjoy a game of online poker.

Although there are not as many ‘poker tells’ when you play online, online poker does give you the chance to take notes on your opponents, without looking silly. You can create a spreadsheet document with user names followed by their special characteristics. Are the good? Bad? Do they show when they have a bad hand by taking extra long to make a decision? It’s also easier for you to hide your ‘tells’ by consciously deciding not to play according to the same pattern. Online poker does also allow you to search for certain players when you join a game, a freedom you rarely enjoy at your local casino.

Game Selection

It is easier for online casinos to offer you a wide variety, compared to the poker room down the street. They don’t have to pay extra staff and they don’t need extra space to be able to offer more options. Limited game options often lead to you having to choose less desirable (and less profitable) games.

Online casinos offer endless variety and allow you to search until you find your favorite. Game selection is great for playing satisfaction, and the good news is that several sites will even allow you to play games for free, until you are ready to make your first deposit. This reduces the amount of money you will lose while you are still learning the game.

Lower Rake

Online casinos normally offer a slightly less rake percentage. Standard casinos have a rake of about ten percent of the pot with a $4 or $5 max per hand, whereas online casinos often offer a 5% rake with a three dollar max. Online low stake rooms are famous for offering much lower, or even no, rake.

The poker rake makes a big difference. Online poker rooms can charge less money and be more profitable at the same time. This is because of the faster game play, which leads to more hands and proceeds per hour. This all happens but you don’t lose out as a result. You can play against the same amount and level of players, and pay less rake, which means more of your winnings will end up in your pocket, where it belongs.