Online Poker - Getting to Land Tournaments through Online Play

Due to the popularity of online poker, it is now possible to gain qualification for land tournaments by first competing in an online poker room.

Types of Poker Tournaments

There is nothing quite like a poker tournament, whether you are playing on land or online. There are various options when it comes to poker tournaments. Not only can these tournaments win you big prizes, they can also earn you a place in land tournaments through online play.

  • Sit-and-Go Poker tournaments are simple and fast, and recommended for beginners and those who are looking for low buying. They have some quick action and these types of tournaments are very popular.
  • Multi-Table Online Poker Tournaments have the biggest and best prizes, definitely one for all the pros!
  • Late Registration Tournaments are usually indicated with a sign that says that the tournament does accept late registrations.
  • Freeroll Poker Tournaments are very popular because they offer you a chance to win cash or prizes – for free!

How to get to Land Tournaments through online Play

It is quite simple to get a place in land tournaments through online play. All you have to do is take part in one of the online satellite qualifying rounds. It is not very expensive to get a buy-in at a satellite poker tournament, and this can give you an opportunity to land a place in a bigger online or land tournament. Various online poker sites now offer satellite contests that offer big cash prizes as well as trips to land-based tournaments.

Before starting online play in order to get to land tournaments, take some time out to look at the poker tournament specifics, rules, and schedules. Just a little prep time can make the difference between blowing your chances and landing a big prize at an online or land tournament.

Get Your Ticket

If your dream is to get to a land tournament via online play, you should learn to earn and hold on to your ticket, as this is a representation of the tournament’s starting fee. When you qualify via a satellite, you get automatic entry (a ticket) which means you don’t have to pay to take place in the main tournament.

You will see your ticket on the weekly schedule and your ticket will be used when you sign up. Tickets can mean various things, like a cash prize, and or a place in another bigger online or land tournament.

It is possible for you to win two various satellite tournaments, which would mean that you qualify for two tickets to the very same tournament. This usually means that you can keep your second ticket and use it at a later tournament (which offers big prize money). This gives you the chance to get two entries to land tournaments through online play. So, rather don’t try to sell or give your ticket to anyone else.