The Object and Rules of Online Bingo

There aren’t many people in the world who have never played one form of bingo or another, whether as a lottery-style game or in community events. Because it is so easy to follow – and so much fun to play – bingo is one of the most popular gambling pastimes around and is definitely the fastest growing online gambling activity on the internet these days.

The Objective of Bingo

Players need to cover a predetermined pattern of numbers that are randomly picked, on their bingo card and be the first to yell ‘BINGO’ in order to win.

The Bingo Card

A standard bingo card is usually around 5 x 5 with the word BINGO written across the top. Each letter in the word has a column listed under it, with specific numbers under each letter. For example, the numbers 1 through to 15 are listed under the letter B. Of course, not all numbers are present on each board since each bingo card is unique, with numbers being totally random. A typical bingo board contains 24 numbers plus an additional blank space.

Bingo Patterns

Traditionally, players need to cover all the numbers in one row - either vertically, diagonally or horizontally. However, it is becoming more and more common to find other types of bingo patterns that need to be covered on bingo cards. Example of these include the need to cover all the numbers around the edge of the bingo card, or creating a cross shape.

Players Bingo

  • Players purchase their bingo cards before the game. At online bingo sites, it is possible to purchase several cards at a time and the software will help you keep track of the numbers called.
  • The game caller draws the number at random and, in some cases, these numbers are displayed.
  • Players need to check their bingo cards to see whether they have any of the called numbers.
  • Players will cover these numbers in the hope of creating a predetermined pattern before anyone else manages to do so.
  • The player who manages to cover the numbers to create the pattern first yells BINGO and is declared the winner of the game. In most cases, the player also claims a prize.

Playing Online Bingo

The basic rules of land-based bingo also apply to online bingo, with several adaptations made along the way. After selecting a bingo site, players open an account which comprises of providing several personal details and transferring funds as an initial deposit. Online bingo is played in a virtual bingo room after players have purchased their cards. Most online casinos offer a vast variety of cards, patterns and side-games and players can play a number of cards at once, with a tote board to help them keep tabs on the numbers called. The player who completes a card presses the BINGO button and wins according the stakes. Chatting with other players is also a huge part of online bingo and it is said that gamblers take up this pastime for the buzzing social scene, as much as for the great prizes up for grabs.