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Vulnerability of Online Casino World

Although online gaming seems to be a very popular and exciting market, new online casino sites can disappear very fast. The popularity of online gaming action has brought about the introduction of many online casino sites and along with this great rivalry and a battle for customers in the arena.  This strong competition can make it for difficult for online casino sites to continue to operate.  One example of this is British Columbia that ran into difficulties concerning a relatively minor security matter and resulted in them closing down operations within just a few hours of their launch. Fortunately for them, they were able to re-launch the site, but other online casinos have not been able to weather the storm and are forced into closure. One such company is Sega that was already a familiar name as a video gaming provider before its move into the online casino world.  Sega became well known for its video games but unfortunately never gained as much success as products such as Nintendo or PlayStation.  With regards to the Sega online casino, Sega obtained a license from that Alderney Gambling Control Commission and made arrangements with Playtech as its software provider.  Games at this site were expected to involve some of the poplar Sega characters.  However, due to low interest from customers, perhaps because of extremely strong competition, this online casino site disappeared from the face of the Internet.  Apparently a notice was dispatched to customers regarding any outstanding funds that would be placed in accounts by September 15th.  This enforced closure is perhaps surprising as Sega is a recognised name in the gaming field, but demonstrates the vulnerability and strong competition in the online casino arena.