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40% Rise Reported in Online Gaming in the UK

A huge increase in the number of UK players at online gaming sites has been recorded, according to a report by Nielsen Media Research. It has been reported that the growth in numbers of visitors to an online casino or online poker site is greater than the number of those accessing social network sites like Facebook or Twitter.  This increase in the number of UK players last year is approximately 40% that relates to around 3.2 million new people in numbers at UK online gaming sites. This massive wave of new players over the past year includes a large amount of new online poker enthusiasts.  PartyPoker has noted 870,000 new players at its site, while the customer base for PartyPoker and PartyCasino together has increased by 1.2m players. One analyst regarding online gaming matters has been reported as commenting that "Online poker sites have experienced a huge increase in customers over the past decade,' and that "Playing poker on the Internet has become even more popular than land-based poker games held at casinos throughout the world". The current popularity of online gaming sites seems to suggest a continued rise in the number of UK visitors to online casino and poker sites in the future.