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Michael Jackson's Name Used Unofficially at Online Casino Site

An online casino has been accused of using Michael Jackson’s name without proper authorisation. Following the passing away of Michael Jackson a little more than a year ago, an online casino has been introduced to the Internet, making unauthorized use of Michael Jackson's name and likeness. As reported by TMZ, Howard Weitzman, attorney of the Michael Jackson estate, has made it clear that no permission was granted to any party wishing to use Michael Jackson's trademarks or name in such a way.  It was also reported that Attorney Weitzman would do everything legally possible to close down the afore-mentioned online casino operation. Although wagers were accepted when the website was introduced to the Internet, the site has since been taken down.  The owner or owners of the online casino enterprise and the website itself are unknown. This casino site seemingly made unauthorised use of the name and photos of the King of Pop who passed away just over a year ago.  Michael Jackson's novel and exciting songs and thrilling musical videos served as an inspiration to many in the arts of music and dance for decades following his famous moonwalk movements. FoxNews.com reported that a legal battle of approximately £62.5 million also involves GoDaddy.com as the registrar of the casino site.  This lawsuit has apparently been filed by Howard Mann who claims to be the copyright owner of the photographs of Michael Jackson used by the casino website in question.  These damages are being claimed from both GoDaddy and the casino owner, whose identity is presently unknown.  The aim of Howard Mann seems to be to draw out the name of the owner of the problematic site 'MichaelJacksonCasino.com'.