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Large Growth Expected at Online Casinos in Next Four Years

A new report issued by iGaming Business focuses on the expansion in the field of online gaming. This new report by the name of 'The Global Business of Online Casinos' shows an expected global value of over £3 billion of the online casino market by the end of the year.  The report forecasts that this figure will increase to £3.71 billion by the end of 2012. It is also expected that the gross yield in gaming will rise to £4.5 billion by the end of 2014. This suggests a growth of close to 80% when compared to figures of 2009. This report ''The Global Business of Online Casinos' studies the online casino industry and includes information such as trends and operating statistics.  The report also looks into start ups within this industry and examines issues such as related costs. Within the industry it is believed that online casinos will flourish and that a greater selection of entertainment will be offered in the future.  Today's popular games such as roulette will probably continue to be popular due to their widespread success at different places around the globe. Due to their growth, international social networks and games have become a part of marketing efforts on the part of many online gaming operators.  It is believed that the success of operators in the future will depend on the attraction and retention of new and current clients.  Gain an insight and keep updated with the online casino industry at the new report 'The Global Business of Online Casinos'.