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Jackpot Prize Turned Down By Player

The unusual situation of a player declining his winnings appears to have arisen at the Jackpot City online casino. Following a win at the progressive jackpot slot WowPot, gamer Mr. C. apparently was reluctant to claim his winnings.  There is more to this intriguing story.  It should be explained that the winner is seemingly Chinese and was unfortunately dismayed by the actual amount of the win.  In this case, the WowPot jackpot produced winnings in the amount of £4,444. According to Chinese cultural belief, the number 4 has a strong connection with death. Its pronunciation sounds the Chinese word for death.  In general, Chinese people tend to be superstitious by nature and Mr. C. apparently was quite concerned to hear that the amount of his prize winnings totaled £4,444.  It seems that he was reluctant to accept this sum of money, believing that it may turn out to be the cause of death or bad luck to himself or a member of his family. It is interesting to note that in contrast, the number 8 is associated with good fortune in Chinese culture.  Accordingly, this number may be found as a popular symbol at slot pursuits featuring an Asian theme.  However in the case of Mr. C. and his £4,444 win, this seems to have created a dilemma for the gamer.  Following his approach to customer service at Jackpot City, it appears that the parties involved are trying to reach a solution to this problem.  A possible solution could be to issue the prize money in an alternative currency and then the number would be different.  However, the eventual outcome to this situation may never be revealed to the general public.