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High Court Grants Injunction to 32Red

Following a two year trademark dispute with William Hill Online, 32Red has been granted a high court injunction. Last month, 32Red won its court battle with William Hill Online (WHO) regarding WHO's use of the 32Vegas name. The court upheld 32Red's claim that this was an infringement on the 32Red trademark. The High Court has now granted an injunction to 32Red and WHO is not permitted to make use of the 32Vegas name in the EU. The injunction was requested, as according to 32Red, traffic was still being diverted to WHO's re-branded 21Nova via the 32Vegas name. On the part of the legal representation of WHO, it was maintained that the 32Vegas brand has been changed to 21Nova since August 2009 and it was suggested that any current use of 32Vegas and forwarding to 21Nova was done by third party affiliates. It was suggested that it was impossible to control each affiliate and stop their use of the 32Vegas name.  However, it was argued by the 32Red lawyer that the use of 32Vegas by third party affiliates was still causing harm to the 32Red brand and that the name should be removed. In addition to the court injunction that was granted, the high court demanded that WHO publish the judgment on some of its sites, notably its corporate site and also the site of its affiliate programme. Judgment has not yet been made in this case regarding compensation. In addition to legal costs, there may be damages for lost revenues due to the trademark infringement. Licensed by the Government of Gibraltar, 32Red is a large online gaming entity that is listed on the London Stock Exchange.  32Red hosts an exciting online casino that is powered by Microgaming and offers more than 450 casino pursuits. In addition to its online casino, 32Red presents online poker, online bingo, a mobile casino and sports betting opportunities.