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Growth in Mobile Wagers at Ladbrokes Online Casino

Ladbrokes Online Casino has noted an increase in online wagers from mobile appliances during the World Cup 2010. Regarding the receipt of bets for the 2010 World Cup, the large UK betting company Ladbrokes has experienced a great increase in wagers made from mobile appliances. This growth in mobile wagers has been noted by Ladbrokes when taking a look at bets made at this year's World Cup tournament held in South Africa.  When one compares the numbers of bets made at the Euro football competition that took place in 2008 in comparison to the 2010. World Cup, a significant increase in mobile bets has been recorded.  It is believed that this rise is firstly due to the existence of mobile betting opportunities. In addition, this growth is also due to the introduction of an iPhone betting feature that was made available by Ladbrokes during the 2010 World Cup event. This facility means that customers that own a smart phone may enjoy simple and rapid access to betting options from a convenient location of choice. Ladbrokes' mobile betting application presents attractive opportunities for newcomers to the world of sports betting.  The action of placing a mobile wager is made easy using the functions of the smart phone. It is expected that following the success of mobile Internet betting via Ladbrokes at the 2010 World Cup, that more such mobile wagers will be seen in the future. It is believed that the success of this mobile betting application will see the introduction of a special application for mobile betting at the forthcoming football season in the U.K. This is the first occasion in Ladbroke's football betting history that a larger number of wagers placed via a mobile appliance than from wagers placed via the regular telephone method has been noted. Check out the mobile betting options at Ladbrokes!