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InterCasino Study Suggests Brits Prefer Millions to the Bedroom

According to the results of an InterCasino survey, it appears that many Brits would abandon bedroom action in favour of becoming a millionaire. An almost unbelievable outcome from the above-mentioned InterCasino study is that it seems that half of Brits would actually be prepared to quit sex for a whole year in order to become a millionaire!  In this age of the Internet, it is interesting to note that in contrast, approximately one third of Brits would rather sacrifice sex than forego their Facebook account. The social networking site Facebook now boasts 500 million users around the world and it is estimated that the standard British person enjoys this service for about an hour on a daily basis.  It is fascinating to therefore conclude from this survey that more Brits would prefer to give up sex than their access to Facebook in order to become a millionaire. Another gem from this survey suggests that men would go further than women in their endeavours to get themselves in the money, as 45% of guys would enter the bedroom with an unknown partner for a million, in contrast to 17% of women. The results of the survey were produced at the initiation of the InterCasino in honour of the GBPI million jackpot that is up for grabs.  This amazing prize in linked to the site's online slot pursuit at its Milioniare Club.  The InterCasino was among the early best online casinos as it was introduced to the Internet in 1996.  The InterCasino presents a great selection of online entertainment and attractive prizes.  The site may be accessed at InterCasino.