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Bet365 Casino Offers Heads or Tails Promotion

Cash prizes up for grabs in Heads or Tails promotion this week at the Bet365 Casino. Heads or Tails is a regular promotion that is presented by the Bet365 Casino. This is a simple and fun promotion for funded players and, as its name suggests, involves the flip of a virtual coin. Check this out at the Bet365 Casino and you could be winning a cash prize thanks to the toss of a coin! Heads or Tails is a simple tournament that is based on chance. This game basically involves predicting the result of a flip of a coin. This means that you have a fifty – fifty chance. Wagers differ in Heads or Tails and bets may be placed on one, two or three flips. Points earned for a correct prediction are determined according to the bet size and number of flips. Players finishing in the first 20 places will receive cash prizes ranging from ₤5 to ₤100. Heads or Tails takes place on Wednesday, 22nd June. If you want to try your luck in this fun promotion, you need to opt in at the Bet365 Casino site. As is the case with any promotion or special offer, it is recommended to check out the full details before getting into action. If you have not yet joined the Bet365 Casino, you may take advantage of a welcome bonus up to the amount of ₤150 following your first deposit. Bet365 is a big name in the betting field and its online casino is licensed by the Gibraltar Licensing Authority. This attractive online gaming site offers a host of promotions, live help and a selection of more than 150 exciting games including all the top favourites. Take a chance at Heads or Tails at the Bet365 Casino this week!