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32Red Announces Successful Half-Year Financial Figures

32Red online casino has reported its best figures for the first half of 2010, due to the site’s improved online casino software. 32Red has announced its best ever financial figures for the first half-year of 2010. These record revenue figures for the first six months of the year are mainly due to the flourishing functioning of the 32Red online casino site. 32Red's first half-year figures of 2010 show a gross win of £7.8 million in comparison to numbers of £5.8m in 2009. The successful trading figures for 32Red are attributable in the main part to the thriving operation of the 32Red online casino.  The 32Red casino boasts a gross win of £6.8m that forms a huge 87% of the total of the company's gross winnings for the six month period.  The first half of the year 2010 has seen the attraction of 12,289 new gamers to the 32Red casino site and an increase in active players at the casino that is believed to be approximately 19,500. This thriving boom in the number of players at the casino is seemingly thanks to concentrated efforts and campaigns in the areas of marketing and brand recognition. Even though income from the 32Red poker and bingo sites revealed a drop compared to last year, the impressive online casino revenues brought about record figures for the 32Red brand. Another contributing factor to the record six monthly figures is the acquisition of two online casino sites that took place in February 2010.  These online casinos, the Golden Lounge and Nedplay, have produced revenues of £500,000 since their purchase and up to the end of June 2010. According to comments made by Ed Ware, CEO at 32Red, this great accomplishment during the first six months of the year is especially gratifying to the company due to the difficult economic situation in the United Kingdom that is the base of the majority of 32Red customers. Get a taste of this successful online casino, and visit 32Red today!